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We bring natural appetite back to the people! Since 2014 we have been making the streets of Copenhagen look much nicer thanks to our environmentally friendly (mobile) fast food, serving popular desserts and tastes of different countries. You will meet us in the city, at events, concerts or you can hire us for your family celebration and we simply come to your home.

Our primary job is the sale of sweat and salty desserts in top quality. In our mobile kitchen we will prepare American pancakes, Dutch Poffertjes, the popular dessert of Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I –Kaiserschmarren and lots of pancake variants.
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is a shredded pancake, which has its name from the Austrian emperor Kaiser Franz Joseph I of Austria.

Caned plums or Plums jam, Powder sugar.

German schmack
Apple sauce, Cinnamon.

American pancake

American pancake

Served in a stack of 4 thick pancakes about 10 cm in diameter.

Maple syrup.

Honey Johnny
Honey, Cinnamon.

Pancake rolls

Pancake rolls

Rolled and chopped into pieces.

Rolling Nutella
Nutella, Jam, Banana.

Apple dream
Apple sauce, Banana, Cinnamon.


are a traditional Dutch batter treat. Resembling small, fluffy pancakes.
Powdered sugar and butter or maple syrup.

40,- DKK


Nutella, Peanut Butter.

Rådhus spirit
Orange jam, Hazelnuts, Raisins.

Strøget hit
Nutella, Banana, Coconut.

East turn
Curd, Caned, Plums, Plums jam, Raisins.


Strong Sailor

Strong Sailor

Fresh baby spinach leaves, fresh mushrooms, pumpkin seeds and gouda cheese.
Salty ecstasy

Salty ecstasy

Dried onion, gouda cheese.


Homemade Mint Lemonade

Homemade Mint Lemonade

without gas (pure water, fresh lime, fresh mint leaves and organic sugar) to go.

35,- DKK / 0.4 l

Cold water

(kilde vand) – without gas to go.

20,- DKK / 0.5 l
Ice Tea

Ice Tea

sugar free, pure, without gas to go.

20,- DKK / 0,5 l


You can order our service for your event, family party, name giving party, confirmation, for catering at a concert or a company party to make the day for your participants. Our clients appreciate our flexibility and variability, great ideas and high quality. We offer an extremely wide range of sweet and salty fillings.

It’s easy to agree an even wider selection or a refreshment of our selection with us. This also applies to drinks – hot and cold, or alcoholic. We work in indoor as well as outdoor areas and can built a tent if needed. Our mobile kitchen is flexible and does not take much space.

You can pay by card, with MobilePay, Android Pay, Apple Pay or in cash (DKK, EUR, USD, SEK, NOK).

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Sunny food


Our quality has been confirmed by state authorities and in 2016 we recieved the Økologisk spisemærke, but our responsibility goes far beyond this and covers materials, transportation and other aspects of our business.




  • Gastro&Tourism København
    CVR: 35574050
  • 71 32 76 04

  • Monday - Friday: 12:00 - 19:00
    Saturday, Sunday: 11:00 - 19:30

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